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In 2003 Hambys bought the former premises of John Mason jewellers at 34/36 High Street. The following year we purchased no's 32 and 32a. This block of properties underwent a quarter of a million pound renovation works in 2008 to 2010 and this has brought improvement to this conservation area.

In 2011 Hambys purchased a further block of six properties on Rotherham High Street. With help from Rotherham Council, we obtained  a mortgage loan from central Government. Further help has been promised from the Heritage Lottery scheme.

These vacant buildings were all in various states of disrepair, burned out and unoccupied for many years. We have now restored them to their former glory and found suitable tenants. The High Street is in the most historic quarter of Rotherham, near to the Minster. The work has been done by many businesses and the Council working together to rejuvenate this much loved part of town.

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